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The Perfect Band for a Post Truth Society

We are not young men. We have seen the world as it really is. We have been crushed by monsters both real and fictional, uplifted and brutalized by love, and challenged by the staggering burden of everyday life. It has left us as we are, and we are still here to tell the tales...

Yes—it's often dangerous to approach rock music as literature, but our lyrics go deep into observations, feelings, and imagination, and our sounds are devised to cinematically enhance our "emotional journalism." We like memorable choruses and thematic riffs, so some might say there are elements of '80s indie-rock in our music. Guilty as charged.

Jon Plutte: Vocals, Lead Guitar.

Rod Gilchrist: Vocals, Guitar.

Jon Christ: Vocals, Drums, Percussion.

Michael Molenda: Vocals, Electric Bass.


Read an article about us in Guitar Player Magazine or check out this video interview with Soundwaves TV.



Here's a couple videos we put together.



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