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The Perfect Band for a Post Truth Society

Renegades from an alternate history, the band Bad Jacket has been rocking dual timelines since they became the darlings of the Paisley Underground LA music scene almost 30 years ago.

Once a staple of the LA post punk rock scene enjoying regular coverage in the now defunct Los Angeles Reader, Bad Jacket was known for their haunting original songs featuring the sometimes soaring, sometimes subtle lead guitars of Jon Plutte, the quirky, story-length lyrics of Rod Gilchrist, the spine crunching bass lines of William Oaks, and the precision percussive stick-work of drummer Jon Christ.

Like many of their contemporaries, Bad Jacket struggled with their identities and the influences of the party scene, leading to onstage meltdowns, public outbursts, and eventually a breakup.

The four members scattered in four directions. Plutte joined the growing wave of metal bands, touring the US with the band Death Splurge. Gilchrist went in an almost completely opposite direction, traveling to Canada to immerse himself in the Canadian country scene. William Oaks returned to the University system to teach music history, while Christ followed his heart around the world seeking spiritual guidance and eventually settling in as a monk initiate at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

-- Or, at least, that is how they all remember it. --

The members of the band Bad Jacket


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We are very excited to annouce that we will be releasing a new album in June of 2018. It is a full size vinyl album that we recorded at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and mastered at Coast Mastering.

We are proud of how well this turned out. With Michael Molenda producing us and the magic of Michael Romanowski on the mastering end we couldn't be happier with the end result -- and we think you will agree.

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Here's a couple videos we put together.



Join us at a live show.

Longboard Margarita Bar, 180 Eureka Square, Pacifica, CA., with The Trouble With Monkeys, Friday June 15, starting at 9 p.m.

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Winters Tavern , 1522 Francisco Blvd., Pacifica, CA., with The Trouble With Monkeys, Friday August 24, 9 till midnight.Placeholder image


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Here's a few photos from past shows.

Jon Christ at Winters
Winters Tavern

Surf Spot
The Longboard